Kidsyoga Teacher Training in Tanzania 95hr RCYT

The training is programmed to focus on providing a holistic environment for children, combining elements of musical mantras, interactive yoga adventures, art, movement and dance, group discussions and play to explore the principles and practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. This children’s yoga teacher training is registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals. The Jip & Jan Childrens Yoga will provide all the tools, techniques, and inspiration that teachers will need to develop their own individual, creative lessons to share with children. ​Furthermore, the approach regards the environment as a key component of the education process, therefore, they place emphasis on providing a safe, nurturing, and holistic environment in which you will give children time and space to explore Childrens Yoga.


Through interactive, experiential activities and practice teaching time, you will explore:

  • Introducing yoga philosophy and practices to children
  • Techniques to introduce asana, breath-work, yoga games and meditation to children
  • Partner and group yoga and massage techniques
  • Creative mindfulness activities and techniques
  • Yoga in the classroom at school
  • Incorporating art, music and dance into Children’s Yoga
  • Interactive yoga adventures and yoga themes for children
  • Behavior management in the yoga class
  • Positive and empathetic language skills
  • Group work and discussion
  • Starting Childrens yoga classes, practical aspects


Location Childrens Yoga Teacher Training

Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge in Arusha Tanzania.


Duration, dates and time

This intensive module is run over 6 days from 15-20 August 2017.

You will start at 9.00 every day and finish at 16.30



  • European students: € 995
  • Tanzanian students: Free



A International Yoga Alliance Certificate RCYT 95 hr ‘Childrens Yoga teacher’  - yoga for children will be given those who successfully complete the teacher training.


Teacher Helen Purperhart 

Helen Purperhart ( is internationally known for her dedication and innovative way to make yoga accessible for everyone. Children's yoga and 'inner child work' is her speciality and that's what Helen likes to proclaim into the world. Helen writes books about these subjects, makes cd's and cards to inspire others. Her products have also been translated in English, German, Spanish and even in Czech. Helen is curious, eager to learn, inquisitive and full of self- confidence. Having learned from the wise yoga lessons and from her outlook on life, Helen has developed her own playful yoga style, which forms the basis of the Children's yoga training, which she is offering. She uses several different yoga styles (Hathayoga, Vinyasayoga and Kundaliniyoga). Helen likes to inspire big and small people to walk their own path in yogaland. The word that fits Helen best is the African word UBUNTU (oneness). If you feel Ubuntu, you are open for others, you dedicate yourself to others, from a connection with yourself, you don't feel threatened by wat other people do, because you feel connected with everyone and everything. Helen has started her own academy called Jip and Jan in Holland, where yoga lessons, teacher trainings and coaching takes places according to her own style of teaching.



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